Why The Portfolio Has Significant Liquidity

Although HFV scans a large variety of equities across mainly european and american markets, there are times, like these that there are very few tangible opportunities to capitalize on. This is the reason of the portfolios increasing liquidity position. Although we believe the markets still have a few yards to go before being a real bubble. US markets are really showing serious improvement in terms of house building, foreclosure decline, jobless claims improvement and price appreciation on properties which all play a role in a larger recovery. However, needless to say we have shorted companies recently and will most likely intensify these operations in the future.

There are arbitrage opportunities that arise then and then but we do realize that a very dedicated approach to keep identifying companies with great advantages in terms of competitive advantages business wise or on a financial basis and setting up a fair value estimation is the best way to tackle a growing bubble. Essentially this gives you the certainty and actionability in times of excessive negativity.

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Africa Oil Analysis

We are glad that the product is now finished. We’ve decided because of the comments received that the price is going to be 30 dollars for this article with a free quarterly newsletter included (250 dollars otherwise). Please read the previous posts regarding the information to be included in such a newsletter.

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Shamaran Petroleum Analysis

ARGENTINA GASFirst in regards to the AOI release the testing processes have finished and we are now ready to launch it most likely on Monday. For those who are interested in reading about another oil exploration company with analysis of its valuation and prospects you are welcome to read the article on SA regarding Shamaran Petroleum.

Update On First Company Article Analysis Release

After some testing, the first article is set to be released early next week. Since we have received a comment on the pricing which we also do agree upon, we have reduced the article cost with 50 % of 70 dollars. The quarterly newsletter will be of the same price but if you buy the first article we have decided that you’ll get the whole Portfolio newsletter on the 31st. Please read the previous post regarding the details of what should be included in such a newsletter. If you’d like the content and have viewpoints on the pricing we will definitely take them into account.

However, because of the portfolio performance and the fact that a broad range of funds charge > 1 % this would therefore make sense if your total portfolio was over 100k at which point you’d pay less fee to HFV portfolio newsletter(assuming a 1% charge on your funds), nonetheless, the portfolio performance should also be addressed. Because the portfolio newsletter is done a fixed basis rather than on a variable basis this portfolio newsletter will pay off for clients that have access to a larger capital base.

We are content with our strategy of identifying stocks today and will keep our focus on the individual businesses invested in and returns should follow sooner or later. It is important to know because our strategy involves buying volatile stocks that we ascertain there is times where we do worse than index because of extraordinary events and usually take advantage of these to leverage those as opportunities. In short we cannot claim that we buy stocks at the right prices, we only buy stocks that are below what is our estimate of fair value and that its true fair value would be reflected eventually. Through keeping our strategy intact in times of negativity and having patience we managed to deliver a strong performance since the portfolios inception.

Article Focus And Newsletter Of Selected Stocks

Because there is quite large interest in the Lundin Group Companies such as SNM,Africa Oil,Lundin mining, Lupe, Lucara diamond and Blackpearl Resources the blog has decided to initiate a coverage on its own of these articles. However, other companies are also subject for publication. 

For the effort put in the articles there must be a compensation and the decision have been made for the liking of readers to either a pay per article system on the site or a quarterly newsletter which includes the authors portfolio, analysis, changes and selected companies articles. We are thinking of 70 dollars a article which you could pay directly via paypal or email hfv@inoxus.org for additional payment methods. It is hard to set the right price for everyone but my response on the article made yet is that they provide value to readers. Sample articles can be found at SA. The article in its design would be different and in a pdf format. The decision to have a quarterly newsletter instead of monthly newsletter is because there the portfolio decisions are often long term based, although there are possibilities of arbitrage opportunities that are mentioned. The quarterly newsletter would have a cost of 250 dollars per quarterly newsletter. You’d recieve the articles about prospective investments, commentary, analysis and changes to the portfolio on a quarterly basis.

As of today the portfolio since inception in late 2011 have had a total return of 86 %. The writing is fundamentally orientated and the authors often follow underappreciated stocks. The first newsletter is set to be out 31st october. There will also be a article of Africa Oil to be released in the end of this week. If you are interested of the newsletter and/or want more details feel free to email us at hfv@inoxus.org.

INTL Shipholding – Thumbs up for variable rate exposure


I’d like to you think you are interested of the latest analysis made by this blog. The following is an excerpt from a Seeking Alpha Small Cap Insight article, follow the link at the end of the page for the whole article.

“International Shipholding (ISH) is vulnerable like a turtle without its shell in the variable rate market. But the vulnerability could easily transform into opportunities in a recovery of the shipping rates by its pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs). The company has potential and willingness to increase dividends to a yield of at least 8 %.”


The whole analysis can be found at SA .


Breeze Eastern – Defense Small Cap Is Interesting

AIR_CH-53E_HMMWV_Underslung_lgI’d like to you think you are interested of the latest analysis made by this blog. The following is an excerpt from a Seeking Alpha Small Cap Insight article, follow the link at the end of the page for the whole article.

“The article identifies a few factors which essentially limits competition and thus increases its profitability. Combine this with a OE yield of 10 % and some NOLs carryforwards makes the company an attractive purchase for the current price. However the companies exposure to US military spending could lead to a sudden stock downturn which would this stock even more of an profitable purchase for the long term.”

The whole analysis can be found at SA .